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Lean Management

Everyone has heard about it! However, it is implemented in very different ways and often mixed up with the requirement to reduce manpower.

This is the wrong approach !

The core elements of the Lean philosophy

  • minimise waste
  • Customer focus
  • Streamlined workflows and processes
  • Striving for the best possible quality

aim to increase the company's own efficiency and require very open communication, flat hierarchies as well as employee- and target-oriented management.

Freed up capacity may be used to drive further improvements .

Lean can be applied in all areas of a company, both in production and administration.

You have no, or very little, experience with Lean?

Then we should first start with a comprehensive training of the lean philosophy and selected tools for your managers. This should enable everyone to gain more willingness in dealing constructively with mistakes, which is essential for success.

With a simplified initial training, we also want to convince your employees of this project.

How to get started

First of all, we work together to select a process that is important for you, which is then analysed with the help of the appropriate lean tools and improved through your employees under the leadership of your management and myself.

We determine what really matters to the customer, identify and eliminate waste in the form of redundant activities, errors or avoidable costs

Diese Vorgehensweise kann dann beliebig bei weiteren Prozessen angewendet werden. Das Ziel ist, den Wissensstand und die Praxis in Ihrem Unternehmen soweit zu optimieren, dass die Umsetzung von Lean zu einer Selbstverständlichkeit wird.

In parallel, we jointly identify the most important key figures for your company and develop a method of recording, and more importantly of visualising them.
The visualisation of key corporate performance indicators (KPI's) is a core element of continuous improvement.

Let us work together

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