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Quality Management System

Are your customers also asking for external accreditation (e.g. ISO9001)?

And you wonder whether the effort is worth it?

Eventually, you will not only need the funding, but also know-how about the standard requirements and the method of building a QMS.

The answer is clear: Yes, it is worth it!

You take this path not only to meet legal requirements, but also to increase your customer satisfaction and your internal performance.

And I will gladly help you on this long journey!

Your route to accreditation


We define the objective together and if required we put together a project team


Your staff will be involved at an early stage in the introduction or extension of your QM system to motivate them for the project and its objectives.
This is particularly important for the development of the quality management system, as your employees will be involved in the description of the processes and the documentation.

Source: DIN EN ISO 9001:2015,


We define and document the processes in place in the company.


I carry out an internal audit with you and your employees to check the conformity of the processes to the requirements of the standard.


If required, I will coach your selected quality staff over the entire period.


We check the processes for compliance with the requirements of the standard and make adjustments if necessary.


You carry out an initial management review to formally assess your new or updated quality management system


And if you wish, I can support you during your external certification audit

Let us work together

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